Make a Contribution

See Karen Branden’s debate on Lakeland PBS

I asked you how you were doing and you answered.  Your voices are clear and strong.

I hear you. I am with you.  Let’s move together!


You’ve told me our communities need…

Healthcare for all.  I will fight for your right to have healthcare!  Solutions to the addiction crisis is something we need to do asap.

Employment with a livable wage and benefits.  I will fight for better jobs and an increase in minimum wage.  Using the innovation of our communities to create business is an exciting goal.  

Well-funded education pre-k through college level.  Our children are the future. Let’s hold them up.

Creative housing initiatives.  Our communities are whole when we all have safe places.

Broadband that’s powerful, inexpensive and here to stay.  Creating a plan that allows us to move with technological changes.

Innovative solutions to Childcare.  We have these solutions in some of our communities.  Let’s use those as a model.

Environmental protections, renewable energy and protection of our resources are also shared values we all hold.  

I will keep our local communities, our issues, needs, and contributions the focus of all that I do.

These are the most common concerns and stresses that people in our communities have brought to my campaign.  It’s time to come together to solve these and build on the what our communities have to offer to the rest of the state of Minnesota, the nation and the global community.  


We can care for our children and vulnerable.  We can listen to our elderly.

We are not afraid.

We are willing to come together for each other and the future.  


I know these are not the only issues and I am always ready to listen.  Please contact me about any issues, solutions, questions, and positive features of our communities.  Let’s show them what we can really do!


Miigwech.  Thank you.


Facebook:Karen Branden for MN House
Phone: 218-847-2699